Color matters

Love, passion, intensity, energy, emergency, motivation, attention, resistance... red is a strong and determined colour that affects every context it is used in.
In the kitchen, red is naturally related to tomatoes and then pasta and pizza, but it is often used to create a chromatic shock in the dishes or to amaze in celebratory cakes.
In the engines world, the red Ferrari and Ducati have exalted the Italian triumph in circuits and roads around the world. In design, many creations have consolidated their popularity thanks to the red, from the cocktails color to Olivetti Valentine, from the Frau armchair to the Smeg refrigerators, passing through the Panton and Castiglioni chairs up to the famous Swiss Army knife. In fashion this colour has for years accompanied a style icon like Valentino, becoming a symbol of elegance and femininity. In the footwear world today the red sole in heeled shoes means Louboutin, while the red line, also used for the famous Luna Rossa, was a marketing tool for the Prada sports line. Many other examples have written history, such as the telephone booth and buses in England, or the multiple films such as Profondo Rosso (Deep Red), Caccia ad Ottobre Rosso (The Hunt for Red October)...
Today, the creativity and inspiration of designers and stylists bring red into a minimal dimension if we want to play down and make the detail unique, or we exalt the colour by celebrating it in an absolute manner so that it becomes an icon, touching in some cases the excess.

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